1. Technology – We use a Google Map based IDX interface to engage your buyer
2. Marketing – We use Inbound Marketing to attract your buyer like a magnet
3. Pricing – We use the right price for the current market (buyers, sellers, balance)
4. Virtual Tours – We’ll help you stage your house and we’ll make it look great online


Let’s talk about the great experience your buyer is going to have finding your home when they get what they want, how they want it, and when they want it on our website.

The Top 10 Buyers Tools:

1. Google Maps. With our Interactive IDX Google map interface your buyer can zoom, pan, and view your home instantly on a familiar Google Map.

2. Live Map Results. When your buyer makes a search change they see results, now.

3. Click to Chat Button. Makes it easy for your buyer to call me now!

4. Open Houses. Your buyer can see upcoming open houses.

5. Property Details. When their cursor hovers over your property the buyer can see listing details at-a-glance instantly.

6. Buyer Login. Buyers can save their favorite listing with a single click, manage their favorite listings, saved searches, add notes, reminders and comments, plus more on their custom profile page.

7. Email Alerts. Your buyer will automatically receive daily emails with new and updated listings.

8. RSS Feeds. Your buyer can opt-in to receive new and updated listing via RSS feed reader.

9. Intuitive Location Box. Field that accepts cities, communities, street names and more.

10. Search Within a Radius. Your buyer has the options to find a listing within ½ mile, 1 mile, or up to 20 miles from their current location or type in an alternate location.

That’s only the top 10 Buyer tools there are many more features, all designed to help your buyer enjoy the experience of finding your home for sell.