When it comes to weighing out your senior living facility options, you may be confused to find that there are many different types of environments, each specifically tailored to the type of care required. Need some help navigating through it all?  Here is a guide to senior living facilities:

Independent living facilities.   These senior living environments offer healthy and fully functional seniors the opportunity to live independently in a setting centered on the senior lifestyle. These facilities often consist of apartment-style homes and offer no personal care services. This means there are no personal care staff members at independent living facilities, unless they are privately hired.

Assisted living facilities.   Seniors who need more personal attention than an independent living facility provides, but who are still relatively independent, may choose to stay in an assisted living facility. These facilities provide a higher level of personal care services for their residents, although the level of care may vary from place to place. There is no professional-level medical staff at assisted living facilities; personal care services are generally provided by personal care assistants (PCA) or certified nursing aides (CNA).

Nursing homes.   Also called skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes are for seniors who require round the clock care. Seniors with advanced chronic illness and debilitating disabilities must often go the route of the nursing home. Nursing homes employ a staff of qualified medical professionals, usually headed by a registered nurse (RN).

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CRRC).  These facilities offer the full range of living experiences, from independent living to nursing home care. In these communities, seniors are generally housed in apartments or other self-contained living spaces. Also on site is an assisted living environment and skilled nursing, for those seniors who need specialized care. A CRRC enables seniors the opportunity to choose one place to spend the retirement years in, without the necessity of finding a new place to live when needs change.

Choosing a senior living facility is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make in a lifetime. Only the utmost of thought and care should go into deciding who is fit to look after those you love the most.  You need a senior living facility that can provide a caring staff and a comfortable environment, backed by a longstanding reputation you trust.   Contact us today to begin taking steps to put your ideal senior living plan in action.  We can be reached by phone, at 360-608-2339 , or by email:  Cyndy@CyndyHansen.com