When it comes to finding senior living facilities, all you really have to do is open up your phone book. However, to find reputable senior living facilities, you will have to put in a bit more time and research. Need some advice for getting started? Here are some tips for how to find great senior living facilities:

Ask around.  Do you know a friend who has placed a loved one in a senior living facility? This is your best start, as there is no better place to go to find a facility you can trust than those people you trust the most. Additionally, you should consider asking your church members, doctors, therapists, attorneys, and coworkers for their recommendations.

Better Business Bureau. Visit the Better Business Bureau website to conduct a search for senior living facilities in your area. Be sure to read all of the records the BBB has on the facilities you are researching, especially when it comes to complaints.

Online review sites.  These days, it is fairly easy to learn about a senior living facility’s reputation with a quick online search. Websites like Angie’s List make it easy for people to share their personal experiences with a business, whether those experiences are good or bad.

Use a referral service. Search online for referral services that specialize in senior living facilities. There are a number of websites designed specifically to meet the needs of people like you, who are looking for reputable senior care in th eir areas.

Licensing and certification. Once you have developed a list of senior living facilities that you are interested in researching further, you should check with your local regulatory agency to find out if they are properly licensed and certified to do business. You can also find out about any formal complaints against the facilities by going through the appropriate government agency.